~ Granny Rulz ~

My back may be bowed
and my steps are kinda slowed
Occasionally I may fall down
But heyy, I still get around!

When these old bones give me a chance
I still get up and dance!
I may have a twinge or two
but I can still out dance you!

I may have to use a cane
take a pill or two to ease my pain
and my hair may be gray
But heyy, don't get in my way!

No body messes with this old lady
'cause I can still take care of me
Everyone, especially grannys have a use
you just gotta get up and break loose

My old age looks....do kinda deceive
That's what I want folks to believe
Let 'em think I'm old and bent
but this granny's spirit's not spent

At times I may goof and forget
but heyy there's fire in me yet!
My roof may be covered with snow
but there's fire down below!!!

Being old is really a great excuse
for when you want to break loose
When the family's upset and stewing
Tell 'em," I don't know what I'm doing"

Listen to old gran, and my tricks
On how to have fun and get your kicks
Just stand your ground and be strong
and tell 'em, Granny's never wrong!

Yep, being old is kinda cool
It's something not taught in schools
Heyyy ... this Granny rulz!!

Barbara LaBarbera
  2004 used with permission


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