Fresh From Granny's Oven

There's nuthin' like a little home cookin'
To warm up ya little heart
So just you tuck in now
As you delightfully regard

The abundant heart of a grandma
Filled to overflowing with her love
Her family all her treasure
Hugs always quite enough

So let's go to Gran's for a tea party
With the apple pie from this card
You take a piece and then I will
We can enjoy the aroma from afar

Then next week, same time
We can have some more
For there will always be more tea to pour
I'll tip up the milk, while you stir

And we will share our cuppa
That will never ever end
For the home baked lovin' of grannies
Is only for forever friends

Oh the joy 'twould be feelin'
just to be there with you in Granny's kitchen
dreamin' once again


Soft Sentimental Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Remember I love you, and love is forever



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