~ The Groove ~

When I am feeling just right
Pictures in my heart I see,
With words, I describe the light
Of how inside my soul I feel.

Maybe the questioning of myself
Asking if all I see is right,
Or imagining just what I felt
Of this, I sit down and write.

A love, such a wonder in my life
The woman that has made me whole,
These feelings, so easy to write
As they touch my very soul.

Or friendships that are fine and rare
The people that I gladly trust,
Such ease to describe how much I care
To write of them, I must.

The Lord, who gave me hope
Who revealed that my way was wrong,
He showed the right path to me
A true peace, within myself a song.

When I'm in the groove to write
It matters not the subject picked,
It is a gift, to my sheer delight
This talent only my Lord could give.

Gary Salter 2004
For all who read my poetry
and have helped make a difference.
Love you all

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