~ Guardians of Our Spirit ~

So slowly sinking, time passes by me
Like quicksand holding tight, and I cannot get free
Life, as I knew it, was starting to come apart
As the pain of life drained so much from my heart.

But all wasn't lost, as a good friend was looking on
Knew I was in trouble and that something must be done
Threw me a line, to help the spiral slow down
Using all their strength, every last caring ounce.

With all their strength, they somehow stopped the slide
My sense of relief was such, joy I could not hide
As they helped pull me back, onto safe solid ground
Thus my will to go on, at this point was found.

To have a friend, go so far out of their way
Leaves me speechless, with so very little to say
A blessing from the Lord alone, is what this has to be
To have so much love, directed toward me.

Friends like this, you could count on one hand
The ones that hold you up, when you cannot stand
Angels without wings, is what they must be
Guardians of our spirits, keeping our way free.

Gary Salter 2006
Written with love to my angel without wings,
I thank her for all her help,
Love Gary


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