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~  Guest Room  ~

I would have you come to stay
In a guest room all prepared
With pretty towels and linen
And drapes drawn wide for air

Muslin softly blowing, breezes
Wafting peaceful radiance
The comfy chair against the wall
To give you room to dance

Upon the pretty bureau drawers
Arrays of soap, and cloth
A pitcher of rose scented water
And a comforter just tossed

Atop the bedside table, washed
A tempting bowl of fruit
Nuts and raisins, salad, tea
All for the taste of you

Bedclothes softly turned aside
Sheet warmed by rays of light
A fluffy teddy, lopsided grin
To hug through dreams of night

Antique phonograph to play
Records as you choose
And doze while watching birds
To all your favorite tunes

Scenic books with thoughtful verse
At rest by glowing lamp
And a pretty bell for service
Close by at your hand

A door beside the writing desk
The path to window spa
Refreshing sweetness, solitude
Of a fragrant bubble bath

And all the while I'd be in prayer
This needed peaceful rest
Would lift your spirit strength
To leave your soul most blessed

Soft whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

I will be still
when there is little needing to be said
but, when genuine compassion is imperative,
then with all my heart,
I will live, with all I have to give


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