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Guiding Light

Sometimes we never know
When someone may pass our way
Who will impact our life
In many kind and loving ways.

My day was truly blessed
The day that I met you
Your gift of friendship abounds
With a love so pure and true.


You are a beacon of light
That shines for all to see.
You reach out across the miles
Sending friendship and hope to me.

To me - you are pure love
It pours out of your spirit.
All who know you are blessed
We are the ones who benefit.


Your touch is as gentle
As the softness of a feather.
You are always there for others
No matter what the weather.

You lift my spirit so high
With the loving words you write.
I will never be lost again
You are my guiding light.


~ Carol Barton 2008 ~
Carol's Poetry


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