~Haiku XXXl ~

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First verse by Dragonfly, next and every other
verse by ThunderWolf

Soft tranquility
Euphoria and deep sleep...
Food for the spirit.

Food for the spirit
Provided by God's Blessings
Brings deep inner strength

Brings deep inner strength
Along with calm contentment...
An abiding faith.

An abiding faith
conquers all adversity
Through divine guidance

Through divine guidance
It is hard to go astray,
If you can follow.

If you can follow,
you're mastering future skills
To be a leader...

To be a leader,
Don't give orders. Show the way
Things are to be done.

Things are to be done,
else dreams and life pass you by...
Time waits for no one

Time waits for no one
And flows like quicksilver.
No one can hold it.

No one can hold it
nor dampen the fiery flames
Given to passion ...

Given to passion
A person loses reason
Becoming insane.

Becoming insane
can occur with Spring fever
Delirious joy!

Delirious joy
Can burst forth at strange moments
Look at that Sunrise!

Look at that Sunrise
as another day of life

Coupled with expectation...
Life's better moments

Life's better moments
are best appreciated
with good attitudes

With good attitudes
And good intentions, you can
Pave a lot of roads.

Pave a lot of roads
of infinite dimensions
Mapped in happiness

Mapped in happiness
Sign posts written with delight...
Our private dreamlands.

Our private dreamlands
may hold the key that reveals
Our secret desires...

Our secret desires
Are holding court in our thoughts,
They peep from our eyes.

They peep from our eyes
both sadness and happiness
Our soul's reflection

Our soul's reflection
Clothes us in glowing auras ..
Shields against the night.

Shields against the night,
thwarting the darkest sorrow ...
God's eternal Light

God's eternal Light
Shines on us all equally.
Why put up shades??

Why put up shades
of black negativity
That darken your life...?

That darken your life
and cast shadows on your joy...
The clouds of worry.

The clouds of worry
can be dispelled with sunshine
Rays of happiness!

Rays of happiness
Cannot shine around corners.
Do not hide yourself.

Do not hide yourself
from flames of that one last chance
For a true romance ...!

For a true romance,
Look for your love in nature.
No disappointment.

No disappointment
behind cold self imposed walls
Lost expectations ...

Lost expectations
Are just like losing rainbows.
Both are fantasy.

Both are fantasy,
a passionate old geezer
and a Unicorn...

And a Unicorn
Said to Noah, "No kidding,
dog ate my ticket."

"Dog ate my ticket",
was pawsitively a tale
Trumped up by the cat...!

Trumped up by the cat
and sworn to by the red fox...
All dogs are evil.

All dogs are evil
thinks the dark criminal mind
Rank burglars and thieves

Rank burglars and thieves
Scurry about during night
Fearing the day's light.

Fearing the day's light
becomes a reckoning for
Hardened untouched souls

Hardened untouched souls
Will forever be alone,
Sad and forsaken.

Sad and forsaken,
in bewildered confusion
Points to self-contempt...

Points to self-contempt
And a low view of self-worth...
Dislike of others

Dislike of others
reflects a lonely person
In dire need of friends

In dire need of friends
A weary world wends it's way
To meet a crisis.

To meet a crisis
we extraordinarily
Summon our courage!

Summon our courage
Gird on our sword and dagger!
Forward to battle!

Forward to battle
sing loud the cry of freedom
From mendacity

From mendacity
Liars progress to other
Forms of thievery.

Forms of thievery
lurks in the covetous heart
Innocents beware!

Innocents beware
Of smiling alligators,
They will eat you.

They will eat you
and try to destroy your life
The gossip mongers

The gossip mongers
Hate any happy person.
Smile and drive them nuts.

Smile and drive them nuts
chase those sad doldrums away
Yes! Carpe Diem!

Yes! Carpe Diem!
Do not let the day seize you.
Control your own life.

Control your own life
following destiny's dream
Un-tethered and free

Un-tethered and free
Eagles' wings catch the high winds.
Dance forever friend.

Dance forever friend
to ever changing rhythms
Melodies of life...


& Barbara LaBarbera

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