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~ Haiku XXXll ~

Melodies of life
are heard in a bird's singing...
The howl of a wolf.

The howl of a wolf
Echoes our own soul's desires
Our inner longings...

Our inner longings
Usually stay hidden
Never realized.

Never realized
sometimes, the importance of...
Our friends and loved ones

Our friends and loved ones
Shine with a bright inner glow
Like fine cut gemstones.

Like fine cut gemstones,
distinct personalities...
Show unique facets

Show unique facets
Only to your special friends.
Keep a few secrets.

Keep a few secrets,
taking care with those you trust
when sharing your heart ..

When sharing your heart,
Save a big slice for yourself.
Love begins at home.

Love begins at home
'midst your dearly cherished ones
Loyal devotion...

Loyal devotion
Is not a free condition.
One has to earn it.

One has to earn it
with honest humility...
Honor and respect

Honor and respect
and responsibility ..
Gone like old T-Rex.

Gone like old T-Rex
yet their music echoes still
Electric Warrior!

Electric Warrior,
Charge up all your batteries
Gird on your light sword.

Gird on your light sword!
With laser technology
Dawns a new era...

Dawns a new era
With the rising of the Sun.
Constant renewal.

Constant renewal
continues from ancient roots
Within the Earth Dance

Within the Earth Dance
We twirl and prance for a while
Treading our measure.

Treading our measure
with indelible footprints
On the sands of time...

On the sands of time
We write our fondest dreams...
Beware the flood tide.

Beware the flood tide
as crested waves ride ashore
Dashing man's designs...

Dashing man's designs
Is the cruel hobby of fate.
Hope springs eternal.

Hope springs eternal
from the ever faithful heart
Undaunted spirit ...

Undaunted spirit
Keep your head up and you will
Look over the crowd.

Look over the crowd
Watch how each person searches
Seeking their hurrah...

Seeking their hurrah,
People will grab any "cause".
Right doesn't matter.

Right doesn't matter
amid vain treacherous deeds
It soon vanishes...

It soon vanishes
Like mist over water ..
Sadness and sorrow

Sadness and sorrow
leave deep invisible scars
No one ever sees...

No one ever sees
Slimy stuff unless they go
Turning over rocks.

Turning over rocks
among our politicians
reveals dire misdeeds...

Reveals dire misdeeds
And sneaky, evil intentions...
Smirks and shifty eyes.

Smirks and shifty eyes
acutely exaggerates
A villainous mask

A villainous mask
Worn by a weak, meek person...
It's a good disguise.

It's a good disguise
that doesn't draw attention
A phantom poseur...

A phantom poseur
Looks at us from the mirror.
Who is that stranger??

Who is that stranger
so charming and beguiling?
Your fated Soul Mate...

Your fated Soul Mate
Is out there searching for you.
Stand up in plain sight.

Stand up in plain sight
Let your heart's praises be heard
Exalt God's Glory...

Barbara LaBarbera

To Be Continued

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