~ Halloween's Little Creatures ~

Notice there is a full moon tonight
Little ghosts and goblins will be on the prowl
Scary things will start happening
Is that the hoot of an owl?

It's Halloween time once again
Little creatures come out at night
Playing nasty tricks on everyone
While begging for candy on the side.

Screeching and scratching at my window pane
Tap, tap, tapping at my door
Wanting me to come outside
So they can even up the score.

Don't venture out I'm warning you
You won't believe your eyes
So many monsters are roaming around
And they're all just three feet high!!

They bite and claw at your ankles
They wrap themselves around your knees
There's only one way to escape this madness
Their appetite you have to appease.

Sweets seem to be their weakness
So stock up on these while you can
Save yourself from these little creatures
This night they're marching across the land!!


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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