Happiness :-)
Happiness is, two little hands folding to pray,
Or sweet little puppies running to play.
Happiness is, a smile on a stranger's face
Or the love you'd see in a couple's embrace.
Happiness is, the sky filled with blue.
And the feeling I get, when I think of you.
Happiness is a song, and it's a dance,
And it's giving someone a second chance.

Happiness is, smelling flowers in the air,
And knowing that our God is every where.
Happiness is, in all the beauty we see
That God continually shares with you and me.
Happiness is, seeing two old people holding hands,
And the love of Jesus flowing out of man.
Happiness is, seeing a newborn and it's mother,
Sharing the joy with little sister and brother.
Happiness is, hearing that telephone ring,
When the miles put distance in between things.
Happiness is, the love you feel in a hug,
When it gives your heart, that little tug.

Happiness is found in ordinary everyday life,
Amid all the turmoil, chaos,, tears and strife.
Happiness is a gift, and it came with love,
Created by God and sent from above.
Let Happiness bring out the very best in you,
Share it with others in all that you do.
Happiness is something we spread as we go,,
It's very contagious just like Love you know. :-)

Brenda King 2006

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