~ Happy As Can Be! ~

I'm as happy as can be,
Jesus lives inside of me,
I'm as happy as can be,
He died to set me free.

He washed away my sin,
And made me whole again.
Dried up all my tears,
And wiped away my fears.

He gave me new sight,
Replaced darkness with light.
His words are now clear,
Because yes I can hear..

What a joy it is to share,
His love that's everywhere.
To be as white as snow,
In this world down below.

But this is only a treat,
I've yet my Master to meet.
Oh what a glorious day,
When death takes me away.

To my home far above,
Filled with eternal love.
How can earth compare,
With the beauty waiting there.

I'm as happy as can be,
My Master waits for me.
I'm as happy as can be,
And soon I'll join Heaven's Jubilee!

Brenda King 2006

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