~ Happy Bearday ~

Just one of those little cards
I am sending from my heart
To wish you a Happy Bearday
Just 'cause we're far apart

A Happy Bearday is for celebratin'
The very warmest hugs
Coming right your way
With the very fondest love

A Happy Bearday is to cheer you
And lift your spirit up today
With daisy smiles of sunshine
To pray the blues away

Happy Bearday to you always all ways

Soft whispers for a Happy Bearday from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

“It takes so little to make a friend happy.
Bearly a touch, a little fluff up,
a gentle brush, a tweak, a tear mended
or stitch added, a slight readjustment
to have them feel beary comfy and cozy
to bear up the delicate softness of their soul

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how
Friedrich Nietzsche

Teddy Bear Kisses
Teddy Bear Hugs
Warm, Fuzzy Feeling
Of Teddy Bear Love
A Heart Made Of Honey
A Soul Just As Sweet
Makes The Best Teddy Friend
From His Head To His Feet
So Be Kind To All Teddies
They Will Bring You Much Bliss
A Heart Filled With Love
Topped With Teddy Bear Kiss

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