At the break of dawn
What beauty shall we see,
Maybe there is pain and sadness
But, what shall we choose to be...

Shall we only breathe in sorrow
With it's burden now to greet,
Or wonder at the possibility
Of all a day may keep,
For dark shadows can only fall
Where sunshine glows so brightly
As a gift for you and me.

So twist now, twist now
Turn around to find,
Reach now, reach now
Watch the beauty slowly climb
Rising up to nestle
Softly in your heart,
Unfold it now, unfold,
In this your given moment
Ask for the joy to come
To feed your tender soul.

Then listen closely, you will hear
Your song, bubbling up within,
Daybreak will come now
Daybreak will arise now
To make your spirit sing.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

Doubt sees the obstacles,
 faith sees the way,
Doubt sees the darkest night,
 faith sees the day,
Faith dreads to take a step,
 faith soars on high,
Doubt questions who believes,
 Faith answers I.


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