~ Happy Holly Days ~

Happy Happy Holly Day's
It's the best time of the year
Full of fun, and laughter
With Happy Holly Cheer

Tip a cup of eggnog
Stay warm by the fire
Decorate the Christmas tree
With bulbs hung by a wire

The Holly Day's seem endless
My MasterCard is maxed
And forget about the Visa
To that, I took an axe

My bank account is waning
The funds are pretty low
Did I miss someone on the list?
On that, I wouldn't know

I forgot to buy gift paper
I must get busy, I'm behind
I'm sure I'll wrap these presents
If I can only find the time

So Happy Happy Holly Day's
Have fun, be tickled pink
By the time this year is over
I'll be needing a strong drink

Debbie Looney 12/07/2006

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