Another year has gone by
Just like the twinkle of an eye
Here we have a year brand new
The old, I must bid you adieu.

I hope this new year brings lots of love,
And tender blessings from God above.
I hope He fills your hearts with cheer,
All through out the coming year.

I pray families, closer together will be,
Endless moments of tranquility.
A closer walk with God each day,
As the new year comes your way.

I pray your Faith, will stronger grow,
That your happiness will overflow.
May this will be a truly blessed year,
For you, and all those you hold dear.

So I tip my glass to you my friends,
As the year, comes to an end.
Another year of memories made,
By hearts that beat, unafraid.

Happy New Year to You with Love,
Souls entwined by God above.
Memories made, across the miles,
Treasured laughter, Forever smiles..

Brenda D King

Here's to You, My Online Friends,
I hope our Friendship never ends!!


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Photo courtesy of Comteche

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