~ Harmonic Slumber ~

Sun closes eyes
with sleepy yawn
cradled in
Autumn's arms

side by side
our souls
securely tight
'til end of time

whispered words
in midnight kiss
passion echoes
moonlight bliss

veil of stars
reflect our love
in quiet hush
beat as one

cuddled close
our wants escape
wrap themselves
in warm embrace

Autumn magic
dreamy eyes
soft lullaby

peaceful slumber
fast asleep
closed lids
we touch our dreams

where rainbows
carry butterflies
lead straight back
to you and I

free of care
or worldly woes
a lover's waltz
on tippytoes

warming sun
caresses skin
half open eyes
wear morning grin

snugly tucked
within your charm
contently sweet
as new day dawns

2008 Rose Marie Streeter

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