~ Harvest Time ~

'Tis harvest time and I give thanks
To the Father once again
For the abundance from the fields
And the help that came from Him

The good soil on the earth
The dew, the sunshine and the rain
That He sent upon the fields
To nourish the growing grain

No butterflies, no humming birds
Not a bumble bee in sight
They have all finished their work
And now have taken flight

The pumpkins and the apples
Now have stolen the show
Awaiting for the gathering
Before the north winds blow

The harvest moon is brighter
and the nights are cool and crisp
The beauty of autumn all around
On such a night as this

No sounds of frogs and crickets
This season is very quiet
The sound of leaves beneath my feet
Are the only sounds tonight

The feeling of tranquility
Brings calmness to my soul
Enjoy this wonderful season
Soon will come the winters cold

Walk with me through the meadow
The aroma of cider is in the air
Give thanks for another harvest
That's displayed everywhere

Yolanda Cohen 2007

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