~ Have A Good Day! ~

Waiting for my husband at the Desert Grill
in Busch Gardens,
I jerked my head so suddenly
I felt I would be a "Tragedienne,"
Nursing a very stiff neck
and have to come back again.

When to my right side a woman
riding an electric cart,
Glided quietly beside me
after I had my jump-start,
Seemed glued to my side
wasn't ready to depart.

She greeted me
Her melodious joyous voice
penetrated me this midday,
Flustered as caught unawares
"I am! You too?" I projected her way.

Then another woman walking
with her husband, I assume,
Accompanied the lady in the cart
seemed to commune,
Turned to me "HAVE A GOOD DAY!"
as her joyous voice boomed.

She turned to me and voiced
another remark so stunning.
"The Father is around and
He likes when everyone's sunny,
He is everywhere, He is here
He does no shunning."

I stared in amazement and
ventured to say,
"You are speaking of God
He's here in this hallway."
She turned closely to me
as she said again 'HAVE A GOOD DAY!"

I watched as the trio departed
feeling shivers down my back,
My mind did a search
as I did a word flashback,
Shivering again, Angels came to mind
Definite feeling, I was right on track.



Joan C. Nelson-Payne 5/4/07

This is a true experience that I had on 5/1/07
I still get shivers up and down my back,
as I recall the conversation and the wonderful feeling
of being wished a GOOD DAY by.....were they angels?
I feel they were.

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