As we take time to reflect on that day,
When the enemy had entered our land,
They sought out to destroy all our peace,
And freedoms for which this nation does stand.

They rejoiced at the fall of the towers,
They had felt that their mission was complete,
Little did they know that this nation,
Would fight back and not accept a defeat.

Though the enemy had only intended evil,
There was good that emerged from it all,
Though America was suffering a great tragedy,
We had proven that we would still stand tall.

Everyone was coming together,
Many willingly gave their own lives,
To save all the mothers and the fathers,
The children, the husbands, and the wives.

Strangers were comforting strangers,
Americans were bonding as one,
Together we would somehow recover,
From all of the damage that had been done.

The days had now turned into months,
And the months since that time turned to years,
But the memory will forever remain,
Of the losses, of the sorrows and the tears.

They say that time heals all wounds,
But the scars remind us of those gone,
May the passage of time mend our hearts,
And may we remember that...

By Linda Lee Wolovich

copyright September, 2004


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