Some little girls are called
to love mothers who are ill,
They tiptoe in to share their love
and whisper to be still.
With a gentleness
and wisdom far beyond their years,
They come as ministering angels
To kiss away our tears.

 Tenderly we hear their loving hearts
with every smile so sweet,
And as we feel that love
we hear God gently speak.
 I am here to walk with you
through the darkest storm,
Though at times you feel all alone
with your strength long gone,
I am here to carry you
through the stormy night.

You may feel so weak unable to go on
But, I am here, arms holding you
Your effort cannot keep you strong
I am coming in your deepest pain,
To whisper, trust Me, now you can.
For I am here and I know
Your heart is crying in the rain.
One day soon you will not fear,
In your darkness, I will restore
I am here to replace all that is not
Light will come to you once more,
For I am the One who can see you through,
In lonely nights longing to see the sun
I will come to carry you.
Do not fear for your family
I am able to fill in every gap,
I can meet their daily need
It is not for you to fret.
I understand how you wish
 you could give them more
But I am making sure

My promise true,
they will know
My everlasting love
the more.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


For the Lord comforts His people and will have compassion
on His afflicted ones. I will not forget you.
See I have engraved you on the palms of My hands,
Lift your eyes and look around, all your children gather and come to you.
As surely as I live, declares the Lord,
you will wear them all as garments, you will put them on like a bride.
Then you will say in your heart, Who bore me these?
I was bereaved and barren, who brought these up, I was left all alone,
but these, where have they come from?
Then you will know that I am the Lord, those who hope in Me
will not be disappointed.
Isaiah 49: 13,15,16,18,21,23


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