~ Heart Of Fire ~

From Land of the Sky ...
I was born with a heart of fire
To run free and wild my only desire
Guided by wolf and the Thunders
Adventure was mine with all it's wonders

With no man to match this heart of fire
I met many cowards and pale faced liars
With a true heart's love for only one ...
My Mischante', my white uncle's son

He was my Warrior though he was my kin
It was his protection on which I could depend
A brave Warrior wise beyond his years
His heart was one of courage without fears ...

Though we ran the winds wild and free
it was a love that could not be ...
For it was a love forbidden
and it's fate long ago was written

Over the years I have met men of every kind
but none could match this fiery heart of mine
Leaving behind those whose spirits were weak
for it was now Creator's love I would seek

I returned to the Circle and the old ways
For there were new trails to blaze ...
I have lived on the edges of danger
Danced with death who is no stranger

Following the Thunders where the wild winds blow
I have traveled where others fear and dare not go
Leaving those of weak spirit and pale hearts
to those who dwell in the shadowy dark ...

No longer the restless spirit I've always been ...
with my longings lost 'midst destiny's winds
I now walk in the Light, a path of my own
For my life is Creator's and His alone ...



Barbara LaBarbera 2005

Dedicated in loving memory
to Eddie U.S Marine,PFC
my valiant warrior

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