~ Heartstrings ~
I saw a star in the sky tonight,
And then you came to mind.
How lucky I am, I said to myself,
 Friends like you are so hard to find.
You have been a blessing to me,
Right from the very start.
Everything you have said and done,
Is etched right in my heart.
I know you're here to meet a need,
which even I do not know.
But all that truly matters to me,
Is watching this friendship grow.
I don't know where God is taking us,
Or even the reason why.
But this much, I know for sure,
Our Heartstrings he sure did tie.
You have truly enriched my life,
just by being there.
Time after time, so often,
You have showed how much you care.
The blessings overflow in my life,
with wonderful friends like you.
I really thank the Lord above,
Yes, I Really do.
I hope he pulls the heart strings more,
each and everyday.
So Friends like each and every one of you,
will often come my way.
Brenda D King  2006
Dedicated to all the Friends in my life,
The Old and the New,
To all my offline friends, online friends too,
You better believe this was written,
For every single one of You !!

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