~  Heat Wave  ~

The summer sun is risen
The day's becoming hot
The rain is needed badly
Dead grass is what we've got

The branches on the trees
Are hanging very low
The pretty little song birds
Can't find a place to go

There are restless little creatures
Scurrying all about
Just a bit bewildered
Their water's running out

The streams they use for water
Are all but dry and gone
Nothing in the garden
For them to feed upon

The summer takes it's toll
On everything that grows
Makes me wish for winter
And the falling snow

But God is in His heaven
And He knows just what to do
He's in charge of everything
He's not worried like me and you

He will send the rain
Enough to go around
To water all the trees
And plenty on the ground

Everything will drink
From the rain that He will send
Bringing back the life
Of everything again

Betty Hill 2006

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