~ Heaven Is My Home ~

Sweet Jesus, Please take hold of my hand,
And lead me throughout Heaven's holy land.
Let me gaze at the beauty all around,
On Earth I knew that I was Heaven bound.

As I look around me, as far as I can see,
My loved ones and friends, clinging to me.
There are my parents, my grandparents too,
All of this, because I believed in YOU!

Oh what a reward, how lucky can one be,
Look at everything, you planned out for me.
I don't feel worthy but you must think I am,
Because of my Faith in Jesus, the precious holy lamb.

Heaven is a place that often comes to mind,
And in your prayers below, you only hope to find.
And now I'm standing here with my Father above,
Surrounded by Grace and surrounded by Love.

What is this you say, I've something else to see,
Is... is... is... that God, walking towards me?
Just look at that radiant glow, what a beautiful sight,
God now has me in His arms and He's holding me tight.

I have never felt more peaceful, or seen so much grace,
As when I looked our God, right straight in the face.
I have never felt more accepted, than I have right here,
Everything in Heaven, is so honest and sincere.

Jesus built a mansion, just like He said He would,
And the pathway to Heaven is righteous and good.
My body was just a vessel, and earth is not my home,
Now I'm home forever, never more to roam.

I know I can't look back, and nothing I can say,
To the loved ones left below, who mourn for me today.
If I could send them a message, it would be pure delight,
I'm really ok, I'm not far away, only out of sight.

I'm as close as a whisper, I am the shadow on the wall,
You may not really see me until evening begins to fall.
Little things will remind you, I'm truly not far away,
God lets me watch over you, each and everyday.

I frolic on the clouds, I ride upon angel wings,
I'm amid all the happiness and those little things.
My body was only a vessel, my spirit descended above,
I joined my eternal family in a Heaven so full of Love !!

Brenda D King June 2006
One day soon, I'm going home, Hallelujah !!

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