~ Heaven Sent Love ~


Some loves enter into your life with a
frantic haste, that captivates your heart.
As their presence thrills and leaves you,
your blood races through your veins
like molten liquid fire.

But these loves, you may sadly find,
contain no more substance than sugary, spun
cotton candy, sweet to taste, but leaving you
feeling empty and unsatisfied.
Some loves quietly steal in, and find their place
within your heart, as friends.

Then there is that special someone you instantly like
and feel a closeness to, as none other.
They exude a feeling of comfort and security that calls to your heart.
Soon you know, this is my special person,
the one meant for me and me alone.
My friend, helpmate, lover and beloved companion,
sent to me by the grace of heaven above.


Beverly Calhoun 2005

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