~ HE ~

I, myself, would have to say,
God is with us every day.
We choose our path, in life of course,
So choose it wisely, without remorse.

Yesterday is gone I know,
And tomorrow is yet to be.
Live today, and share His Love,
So that others might see.

All the good things He's done for you,
Through belief and prayer.
We must spread this news too..
Open your heart, let Jesus live there.

You'll never be sorry my faithful friend,
If you choose to let Jesus come in.
I know He will take care of you,
Just trust in Him like He asks you to.

Nothing's too great, or even small,
Jesus will take care of it all.
Give Him your worries, doubts and fear,
There's not a prayer that Jesus won't hear.

But give Him time, to hear each plea,
And time to answer you and me.
Don't get impatient with the Lord,
And you will surely, receive His reward.

He can heal the sick, raise the dead,
Nothing's impossible, just like He said.
Do Not Doubt, the Lord your God,
Who made us from this very earth's sod.

God Is good, and yes He's there,
With blessings He's so willing to share.
He will walk with you each day,
And teach you along the way.

He gave you His word in a book,
I hope you took the time to look.
It's called the Bible, and it holds the key,
To Heaven and Eternity!!

His disciples showed us the way,
I just hope you're listening, to me today.
God sacrificed His only Son at Calvary,
What greater love could God give,
Than His Son, for you and me.

I can not walk away from this,
Knowing what He gave,
And all because His love for me,
He thought me worthy to save!!

I, myself am not worthy of such love,
Sent to us from Heaven above.
But God thinks we are worth far more,
Than we give ourselves credit for.

His Love for us will never die,
Although I don't understand why.
I guess He saw what we can't see,
So He loves us endlessly.

And yet we continue to stray from Him,
Some don't even know His name.
How can we deny such a love,
Have we brought the Lord great shame?

So I hope you'll change your ways today,
And accept Jesus as your Savior,
He will be the only one,
That can change your bad behavior.

We belong to God, we are His children,
Yes the great "I Am."
The forgiving, loving Savior,
Yes, the Precious Lamb!!

God is still calling Sinners, and that's one line
that's never too busy !!


Brenda King 2006

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