~ He Bore It All ~
Oh, how He was mistreated
From the day He came to earth
The keeper at the inn
Had no mercy on His birth

But rather, they sent Him to the stable
Where only a bed of hay
Was set before His parents
For that precious babe to lay

Now ole' Herod the King
Heard of this wonderful birth
Got angry enough to kill Him
To keep Him from this earth

But God had sent His son
And here, He would stay a while,
No matter how much they abused Him
He would fulfill the duties of the Christ child

He was beat 'til the blood flowed down
And many stripes He bore
Someone was always seeking
A way to destroy our Lord

They thought for sure they had Him
When he was nailed to the cross
Too dumb to realize
That this was surely no loss

It only gave Him more power
As God had intended it to
With victory o'er the grave
And freedom for me and you

He had taken the nails in His hands
And also the spear in His side
But not a complaint was heard
He said "Father forgive them"

I asked Jesus
"Lord, how much do you love me?"
He spread His arms out wide, and died

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