~ He Gave Me ~

He gave me love, when I was unlovable
He gave me His word, He would always be near
He gave to me peace, when I was in doubt
He showed me with blood, what He was all about

He gave me a family, and friends who would keep
Gave to me rest, when I couldn't sleep
Kept me held high, when my life seemed lost
He found me when down, no matter the cost

Jesus is the Master, planner of life
Giving His all, through good times, and strife
Keeping us safe, when in harms way we go
Jesus keeps close, and that, I do know!

I fall short of His honor, in each given day
I sin, though I want to, keep sin away
But I know He'll be waiting, forever to give
My heart forgiveness, so forever, I'll live

Debbie Looney June, 2007

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