~ Held In His Will ~

Our Universe is held together by God
Not held together, by will of man
For just a wisp of His hand can determine
If the universe will fall, or stand

The Stars in the sky, He created
To give light to the Earth, when dark
But if God commanded them to fall
Each one would lose all spark

The Sun high above, gives warmth
Brings forth all life, in nature, we see
Without God commanding it's heat
All our warmth here, would just cease to be

God keeps all things in perfect order
And with one word, it could all disappear
We are orbiting in time, and space
Not knowing, how long we could remain here

All our days are determined by the Father
For it's by His hand only, all goes on
If God is taken out of the equation
The world, as we know it, will be gone.

Debbie Looney 01/23/2007

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