~ He'll Supply Your Needs ~

Too many times we over look
The things that matter most
While we are searching for great fame
The jewels and pretty clothes

We look for cars and wealth
Just every where we go
While it is all around us
But we want it all for show

There's so much we over look
While our eyes are fixed on gain
But sometimes we pass the best
And just walk on by the same

But then the day we least expect it
It All comes crashing down
Leaving us in our weeping state
For we thought happiness we'd found

Then as we pick our trouble up
And try to hide our hurt
We learn of one who cares so much
He'll pick you up...brush off the dirt

If you allow Him , He will change
That heart of want for wealth
He'll fill it up with good things
Beginning with Himself

Jesus is the one, I am speaking of
After all, it all belongs to Him
He knows the things you need
He so willingly will give them


Betty Hill 2007

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