~ Here Am I ~

And I heard the voice of God
Say, "Whom will go for me?"
Then I heard myself cry out,
"Here I am, send me forth for Thee!"

And within my soul itself
I felt His burning fire;
Kindled by God Himself,
My Passion growing higher!

"Are you willing to give up ALL for me,
My Word and Spirit to walk in?"
"Oh, my Lord, I've given it all,
And would gladly give it all again!

For nothing matters here on earth
But that ALL may know Your Word:
Til every nation knows your love;
Til ALL the world has heard.

I will go where e'er You send.
I will go there now.
For one day every tongue will confess
And every knee will bow!

But until then, use me Lord,
In ways I can serve you!
In anything I may say,
In all that I can do.

For serving You is all I want;
It's all that I desire!
So let the flame within me, Lord
Become a raging fire!

Lynn King 2006

Also I heard the voice of the Lord say, Whom shall I send and who will go for us? Then I said, Here am I, send me!
Isaiah 6:8

That at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, and in earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Chris is Lord, to the glory of God the Father!!!
Philippians 2:10/11

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