~ Here Comes Santa ~

Look out, here he comes - it's Santa
Across the night sky he makes his flight
I know I'm not suppose to witness this
But sleep never came to me this night.

I watch as he lands on each roof top
I don't think he can see me
I'm peeking out the corner of my window
And I still can't believe what I see!

I'm here to tell you it really is true
There are eight reindeers pulling his sleigh
He's ever so nimble and quick on his feet
There's so much to do before the break of day!

Uh-Oh, I think my house is next
Should I pretend that I'm asleep
All I want to do is watch what he does
I better be quiet and not make a peep.

I hear the swoosh as he comes down the chimney
I can't believe he never got stuck
He's so big and round and full of life
I still can't believe my luck!

I watch as he fills all the stockings up
He even left a bone for the dog
He laid the presents under the tree
Ate the cookies and drank the eggnog.

He then turned and looked in my direction
I was sure he had spotted me
I closed my eyes and held my breath
He was gone, lickity-split, you see.

I ran to the window and quickly looked out
I could see him in the faint moonlight
He looked my way, nodded and winked
"Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!"

Chee Chee Martin 2005


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