~ Here In The Mirror ~

When I gaze into my mirror
Is it you I see that smiles,
Are you standing there beside me
Beaming in across the miles.

As I turn to walk my garden path
Is it you that follows me,
Touching hands on roses
Viewing everything I see.

When I sit down at the table
Is it you, that gladly chats,
Sharing of my day
The trifles, this and that.

When I'm baking, shopping, washing
Is it you that I can hear,
Rustling here beside me
Whispering in my ear.

At day's end, sitting still to pray
Are you praying with me too,
Concerned about the same,
Longing for God's truth.

I'm sure it must be, how I know
Is that your thoughts are ever near
My forever friend...
Ever, always, here.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Oct 2009

You have brought so much sunshine
into my life and more and I
truly praise the Lord that He chose you
to be my friend

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