~ Here Wit'in God's Garden ~

I watched you in the garden
In pretty pastel hue,
In every tender leaf of dew,
I touch the life of you.

I saw you in the blossoms,
The tinge of life you send,
Your vibrancy and color,
My special life long friend.

I saw you in the flying birds
Their cheery, chatter, call
'Twas you close by to hear,
Singing to my soul.

I saw you in the butterfly,
Flitting to and fro,
With happy carefree heart,
The angel friend I know.

I saw you in the puppy,
The loyalty and mind,
To always be so very near,
Gentle, loving, kind.

I saw you in the empty chair
Beside me in the sun,
I heard your softest whisper,
Your presence, only love.

I saw you in the clover
Each leaf and curling frond,
Yes, here wit'in God's garden
Your heart I always hold.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems March 2010

Having a true forever friend,
across the sky,
inspires a lot of beauty
for we see by heart,
as God sees, you and I.

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midi....The Bard of Armagh
Arranged by Frank Lennon

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