~ He's Calling ! ~

I'd had a very busy day
For life is hard, you know.
The answering machine was blinking
And I could only think, Oh no!

I was too tired to use the phone
The computer's across the room.
I sat down to check my emails.
One said, Where were you at noon?

Someone wants to talk to you ~
But you are never there.
And when you're at the office ~
(Well, he sighed - in deep despair).

I checked the email address just then
(A chuckle from within) ~
As I read the message saying ~
Where, dear, have you been?

He said, This is St. Peter.
And I thought (well, this is great!)
I'm calling to remind you
Your payment's very late!

What could he mean - my payment?
I'd not heard that before.
I felt a little anger
But decided to read more.

Don't worry, though, my dear -
Your payment has been made.
I thought ~ (perhaps the office?)
That's where I always gave.

I bought Girl Scout cookies
Christmas wrap and candy too.
He needs to check my record _
For I can't be overdue!

Well, I would handle this right now!
My TV shows could wait.
And so I started typing to ~
St. Peter@thegoldengate.

I said, I received your email
And let me just explain.
I lead a very busy life
It would drive you insane!

If I owe a balance ~
Then kindly let me know.
I thought my "debts" were free and clear
(But then, you never know).

I sent the email right away.
It was finally resting time.
I'd fix a quickie meal to eat -
But, I couldn't rest my mind!

I sent another email.
Quite swiftly on its way ~
I wrote the simple message ~
Get the "Boss" to call today!

I sat and turned the TV on
I'd almost missed my show -
A wee bit irritated
But I sighed and let it go!

In the middle of the action
In a show I'd planned to see ~
The phone rang, the operator said ~
God's calling ~ one moment please!

Well, I would wait a minute
It needn't take all night, you know.
I'd talked to Him before, you see ~
(It didn't seem so long ago).

He answered! May I help you?
Who did you say you were?
I answered ~ it is Mary Anne ~
You must remember her!

I used to pray to you at night
Right on a bended knee.
I said the prayer at mealtime.
Now, do you remember me?

Where have you been, beloved?
(What I wondered should I tell?)
God said, Are you on my list?
Or registered in Hell?

Wow! That just took my breath away ~
I felt so much alone.
He said I was just checking ~
Is your address here, at ~ HOME?

He wanted to know everything ~
All about myself.
He asked about my Bible
Sitting dusty on the shelf.

He told me how He'd called me often
But I was never in.
He told me I was "busy" ~
Joining Satan in life's sin!

I'm telling you ~ He knew it all!
But wanted me to know ~
That Jesus paid my "balance" ~
A long, long time ago!

Well, reading this - you cannot see ~
Nor feel the pain within.
To know I'd always had the choice
For a saintly life ~ or sin.

Let me tell you as I close ~
What else I heard that's "New!"
He wanted me to pass this on ~
He's been trying to call YOU!

Mary Anne Ray 2002

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