~ He's Coming Back ~

I had been dreaming a dream
Of angels on high
How they were working for God
'Round his throne in the sky

Seeing them minister to His ways
Watching, His pleased look at them
While they worked away
From heaven to earth and back again

Never hesitating to do His command.
Oh' what if the angels acted as man?
Their place in heaven would be no more
They'd not adorn that heavenly shore!

They are made, with that, only in mind
To be ministers for God, doing jobs of all kinds
But men are reluctant to obey His will,
Still desiring to live in heaven some time!

God made a plan perfect and plain
Then he took on a body and a great name
Came down to earth and died for all
To make a new way so man would not fall

Time and the tempter trying to take it away
God won't allow that to happen, there's coming a day
When He will return in the clouds of the sky
And call His redeemed to come live on high!

Betty Hill 2007

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