~ He's Everywhere ~

I came upon a child of God.
Knowing this ~ I felt her stare.
Then she spoke and what she said was ~
"He isn't everywhere!"

She went on to tell her story.
I listened as she bared her soul.
Telling me one day she called Him.
He never came ~ so I was told!

She told me how she'd come to doubt Him.
Called Him at times when in despair.
Even though she'd knelt to call Him ~
Still He just wasn't anywhere!

He'd not blessed her nor her family.
Times had been quite hard, you see.
Told me of the many tears she'd shed
I wondered ~ "Child why are you telling me?"

Then God took over and He gave me
Many things I knew to share.
How He'd saved me at His alter.
The devil was lurking everywhere!

I began to tell my story.
I had so many I could share.
How He'd carried me thru sickness.
How He'd answered every prayer!

As she listened I could feel her ~
Pulling herself away from me.
'Twas the devil who was lurking ~
As he's done so much, you see.

I told her when I got to know Him ~
Really know Him ~ one Fall day.
He had sent one of His angels
To lift my child away.

I told her how my heart was angry.
I, too, was in deep despair.
Why was it that He'd picked my child?
For there were children everywhere!

Then one day God sent an angel.
A very special one He had.
Who told me I should be rejoicing
I was no longer to be sad.

He shared with me this message.
One that I must know.
Some things I just could not handle
I had to just let go!

He told me how to do that.
He told me what to say.
To go to the Cross of Jesus.
And there to let it stay.

No cross to have to carry.
No more tears to cry.
No more voices screaming.
No more wondering ~ "why?"

I found the peace I hungered for.
And, dear one, you will too.
If only you will heed my words ~
And know what you must do.

Remember God does listen.
Remember God does care ~
And if you don't "see" His answer
It doesn't mean He wasn't there.

For He has plans for each of us.
He wants you to know today.
The answer isn't always
The one we're seeking as we pray.

There are no "unanswered prayers",
He answers each and every one.
We are saved by grace alone.
Because He sent His son.

So, go my child to Jesus.
As you're kneeling there,
Know deeply in your heart of hearts
He's always answered prayer.

I've never seen this child again ~
Yet I know that she is fine.
For once you've made "that journey"
You can leave the grief behind.

No more cross to carry.
No more grief to bare.
If you think He is not with you ~
Child ~ He is! He's everywhere!


Mary Anne Ray January 2004



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