He Will Stay

Jesus is drifting well through my soul
With stillness of love, making me whole
So gentle, and soft, He swaddles me
Opening my eyes, to help me see

What a glorious fragrance, the scent ever so sweet
He takes me to heaven, keeps my faith concrete
Wrapping me up in His arms when I sway
Keeping me close, when on sin, I do lay

Loving me more, with each passing hour
Holding me up, when I feel I should cower
Taking my hand, and leading me in
Always showing me, where I should begin

He never abandons, this child that he made
Even though many times, I have not made the grade
Staying so close, He carries the weight
So in the future, I may enter, Heaven's Gate

Do you feel His presence, every passing minute?
If you don't, you are missing, the love that is in it
In the silence you'll feel, a Father so true
Never willing to give up, not once, on you

Come to His throne, He will not make you leave
He'll give your heart rest, a welcome reprieve
Your sins are made white, when in His blood, you lay
For He is alive, and with you He will stay.

Debbie Looney 04/10/2007

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