I'm standing on the banks of old Jordan
Looking toward the other side
The winds are howling, waves are lapping
I'm looking for a place to hide

The murky waters now surround me
In comes a thundering  tide
Rescue me now my blessed Jesus
In thy bosom let me hide

I long for the peace that awaits me
When I go the very last mile
Waters are too deep for me to travel
So I'll rest here a little while

I'll rest on the rock of my salvation
Though the storms are raging 'round
I hear the sound of angels singing
Could that be a trumpet sound?

I see the beam of that old light house
There He will hide me safely
It won't be long 'til the gates will open
Where Jesus is waiting for me


Yolanda Cohen 2007

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Set used with permission, Thank you Kathryn!

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