~ A Highway ~

There's a highway here on earth
That will lead to heights unknown
We will find such joy and peace
For this highway leads to home.

There's a man along that road
And Jesus is His name
I'd like to walk with Him
That one for sinner's slain.

It's a bit like the Jericho road
Where He walked one day
Came upon a wounded soul
But He did not leave him lay.

He took him in His arms
And bandaged up his wounds
Took him to an Inn
Said 'care for him, I'll return soon!'

He paid the debt ahead
Then offered even more
If you will supply his needs
You'll be blessed from heaven's store.

So on this highway here on earth
Look for that special one
You will never ever falter
For you'll be walking with God's Son!

There are many highways
As we walk down here on earth
But it's the only one that's for sure
And the only one with worth.

It's the one you'll see that man
That's called Jesus walking there
There is no other one you'll find
That will even half compare!

Betty Hill 2005


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