~ Hill-Billy Bath Time ~

There's no worser time I know 'uf
Than saturday night in the hills
Where every one has to get bathed
And it's all agin' their will

But no need to try to get out 'uf it
They done filled that wash tub full
Aim'n to scrub ya'clean
Til' ya' shine bright and ain't so dull

After all Sunday's comin'
So you better make sure yer clean
As sure as the sun comes up
Dirt makes momma mean

Rise and shine she says
That's exactly what she means
When folks go to church with her
She'll make sure ther' clean!

She says "I'll clean 'em on the outside
But the inside LORD is yours
Take them to ther' knees
On this clean church house floor

Keep 'em there 'til surrender,
is all's on ther' mind
Then teach them ta' love ever'body
The uptown folks, not just ther' kind

Betty Hill 2007

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