~ Hip-hip-HOORAY ~

Look what Spring is bringing
Spring faeries -- Yay
I love to watch them winging

Petals flying through the air
Backdrop, a sky of blue
There are faeries everywhere
It's true -- I'm telling you

Butters flutter by me
For now they'll stay
Smiling, I wonder, "Why me?"

Everywhere are songs and wings
Dragon's fly, while birds do utter
Pretty song, a song bird sings
Drowsy dragonflies just mutter

Spring is really here, oh joy
I waited for this day
So much to see and hear, oh boy

My little poem is nearly done
I'd love to stay
But, like the brook, I have to run

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 03-18-08

A pretty spring
I wish for you
with all my love
'n warmest hugs

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