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~ Hold Me Up ~

I feel regrets,
From past mistakes
Though Jesus has my heart
I still sometimes, do ache

I hurt inside often,
Thinking back on the days
When I amounted to nothing
And walked around in a haze

Even though God has heard me
And my hearts now with Him
Sometimes I still feel the sting
Of life, when times were grim

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I wonder if ever,
I will falter again
Give in to my old ways
And pick up sins cross, again

As I know nothing is written
In stone, and I may sway
But with faith I trust God
To hold me up on that day

I trust He'll keep me from falling
And carry me when I cry
"I need you now Lord"
So please stay close by

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My test in this world
Is an ongoing road
And I know in the future
At times, I'll carry a heavy load

So I pray to Jesus,
Please, hold me up high
Keep me in your care,
And never let me fail to try

I know my life has changed
My heart is now, full of light
And I pray to you Father
Help me to keep it right.

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Debbie Looney 2007



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Fallen Idols (Crying For help II)
Composed & Arranged by Clive Nolan
Sequenced by Michel Schudel

Brought to you by 2007