~ The Holidays Are Coming ~

The holidays will be here soon
What a busy season it will be
With the turkey and the stuffing
And desserts that are so sweet.

We will thank God for all we have
And for some it won't be much
But in this time of celebration
Let us not forget the ones we love.

Let us remember the soldiers abroad
So far from home and family
And let us remember the little ones
Who must go without their needs.


Let's remember the sad and lonely
Those mourning ones that left this life,
Remember the one that died for us
Our Savior and Master, Jesus Christ.

Oh, this is such a joyous season
That will soon be taking place,
But do not forget the real reason
That this season celebrates.

So join me in a toast my friend
May our friendship bloom the more
And may we share the love of Christ
As we spread His word and joy.


Sandy Edwards 10-26-2008


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