In Memory Of The Holocaust
Let All The World Never Forget

In Germany one dark day
Evil became, because of one man
All the people had to salute
With hand held high
Every person who was in Hitler's life
Wore his Nazi slogan with pride

While, all the weak, sick and disabled
Mostly Jews, who were also German born
Were sent to concentration camps, because
This man Hitler sought a perfect race
And so began the Holocaust

Jews died by the hundreds each day
For Hitler wanted only blonde hair and blue eyes
He wanted only strong men and women
So many people had to hide
In fear of their lives
As the Secret Service hunted to find

The French underground
Helped some from being captured by the state
Other countries close to Germany
Assisted terrified people to escape

I remember those brave people who saved lives
But millions more still died
The Nazi put numbers on their arms
And set them to hard labour, with little food and drink
Where they became sick or weak
Then they were told to go the showers
They did not know, this was the Nazi gas chambers
Where they would die
After death they were put in the ovens
To hide from the world this genocide

Let us remember the heroes of German occupation
And though we may thank God it is over
We must never let this happen again
There must be peace on earth
Please let the war we are in
Never become another forgotten war
And let no fanatical man
Ever take our souls away
In America, The USA.

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Let the memory never die of:
the millions of good people mainly Jews,
the people who hid them-at the cost of their own lives,
the soldiers who were lost-in the name of freedom for all

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midi 2002 by Margi Harrell

Brought to you by 2006