~ Home ~

I no longer want to be here
Surrounded by noise and war
All I want is to go back home
To my family whom I adore.

Another airplane, another bomb
Screams is all I hear
Agony, pain, and suffering
Each one of us consumed with fear.

No value for life these people have
Brutality and evil have consumed them
Their souls are now lost forever
For eternity they are condemned.

I hear my buddies uttering the words
Asking the Lord to hear their pleas
To guide them and protect them
And to put their fears at ease.

The innocents are the ones who suffer
The insurgents feel no remorse
They'll kill in the name of their god
They're continually plotting their course.

But soon this war will come to an end
And I will be coming home to you
We'll pick up where we had left off
We'll start our lives anew.

Right now too many miles separate us
But your face is etched in my mind
Remembering your smile and loving touch
It's been too long of a time.
I Love You so much!


Chee Chee Martin 2006

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