I'll Be Home For Christmas

Another day spent with deafening sounds
I think of you as I look around
Evening will come, my thoughts turn to home
As I make my bed on this cold hard stone

Shrapnel flying, my heart pounding
As I listen to dying screams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Everyday and every night I think of my children and my wife
I defend my country proudly
Even if it means my life
My days are hotter than the hinges of hell

They say that wars are brutal
But we must fight them to stay free
You ask me why I am fighting over here
Because with PEACE... there is no guarantee

My nights are spent remembering home and Christmas Noel
I am a soldier far from home
Freeing those I'm told that were in need
But it is so hard to watch my brothers die and bleed

Sometimes I wonder why I fight
Then Old Glory do I see
It's then I cast my eyes to God
And pray for victory

I look at the evening sky
Our Flag torn and worn from sun and sand
A tear sadly falls and I pray for peace
Desert sun is setting... no Christmas tree

We sleep in earth for safety
Our blanket is soft golden sand
Christmas visions dancing
In this far away foreign land

As I drift off in my bunker of sand
I'll pray for those at home
That they'll remember where I am
And never let me feel that I'm alone

As we lay here in our foxholes
Every soldier is being brave
We pray for safety from above
That these holes won't be our final grave

Tomorrow a bullet may find me
But tonight is mine to dream
Above me the stars are bright
May God protect us all this night


By Mary Frances, Bonnie Ray,
Floreann and Tom Hutchinson
2003 used with permission


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