~ Hooo Is It? ~

Is it a broom?
Is a bat?
Is it the brim of a witchís hat?
The shadow spreads across the
light of this Halloweens full moon,
quickening the beat of my heart
that can be heard by a Halloween goon,

Cover your head
And donít breathe a word
or the very sound of your voice
just may be heard,
by the living dead,

From behind a head stone
the shimmering images of ghosts
float upwards into the sky
The sudden screeching of a barn owl
is detected close by,

Hoooo is it?

Itís just us goblins
in scary costumes
walking up and down
the street
scouring neighborhoods
for a trick or a treat.

Did we really scare you?


Janice Bumbalough Marler © 2005

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