~ How Can I Say ~

How can I say the words
That lay heavy on my heart
Where is it I should begin, Lord
Where is the place to start.

I want to tell you about a man
Who one day came into my life
He is there when I have a need
Be it morning, noon or night.

I was heavy laden my friends
I was filled with guilt and shame
I walked with head hung low
And felt like I was the one to blame.

I had no one to talk to then
I felt scared and so all alone
The shame it festered deep
No love was I ever shown.

But then one bright sunny day
I was introduced to a fine man
He took away the guilt and shame
And beside me forever He stands.

Now you ask me who is this man
That loves us all unconditionally
He knows what we're all about
This man is Our Jesus, you see

Sandy Edwards 2007


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