~ How Does A Friendship Grow ~

How do we grow a true friendship
Well the answer is so easy to see
We must truly trust in one another
If we are to be friends, you and me.
First we must plant the seed to grow
Then water it with much love and care
Nurture it carefully every brand new day
In all the trials and joys we share.

We must be there for one and the other
Whenever we need a shoulder to cry on
We will be patient and kind, dear friend
And when the chips are down, be strong.


We should not look on the outside
For they say beauty is only skin deep
It is what each one has inside of them
That makes a friend we want to keep.

And this is the way of the Lord my friend
He does not judge the book by it's cover
He loves us for our kindness and caring
And for placing Him above all the others.


Sandy Edwards 2006

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